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Our Bangkok campus was established in 2003. Raffles Bangkok is a part of the Raffles Education Corporation, one of the leading education institutes in Asia Pacific since 1990. As a Premier Education Provider we are committed to nurturing entrepreneurial and innovative talent in the field of design & business. We prepare our students to be future leaders by providing an education distinguished by its practical relevance and passion for excellence. We focus both on education that emphasizes a personalized learning environment and on selected programs that provide students with specialized educational experiences. We aim to provide an unequalled education that will serve our students for a lifetime, and meet the needs of our wider community.

Raffles’s goal is to provide a liberal education that is more than simply a professional mastery or technical capacity or commercial advantage, but the commencement of a life-long pleasure in the human exercise of our minds, our most human part. It is an education whose spirit is designed to remind us that education is life-long and will be the means, far more than a job career, to forge those links with family, friends, community and country that will allow each to sustain the other.

TOP 10 REASONS you should study for a game design degree in Thailand

Tel. (+66) 6 - 3226 - 9333 Tel. (+66) 2 - 020 - 0001TOP 10 REASONS YOU SHOULD STUDY FOR A GAME DESIGN DEGREE IN THAILAND Written by Harley DavisGaming Design is quite niche and new to being considered a professional career especially to parents from older generations....

Raffles International College Bangkok Leading The Way In Social Distancing On Campus

Tel. (+66) 6 - 3226 - 9333 Tel. (+66) 2 - 020 - 0001 Here at Raffles International College Bangkok, we have been preparing a brand new, safe, worry-free environment for students to return when campus opened back up for normal classes in July 2020. As many other...
boy is sketching chair on a big piece of paper surrounded by laptop

The Future Of Design Courses Online & 3 Courses You Should Take

Many courses are going online in the last few years as a way to become more convenient and accessible to people, especially university courses. Currently during the midst of a global lockdown, not only are many universities rushing to adapt to the sudden change, but...

5 Things To Do While You’re Stuck At Home During Quarantine

If you’re a young university student, then like the majority of university students, you’re at home during this time in 2020. You’re probably at home with lots of free time and are most likely bored as well as without many ideas of how to use your time. So, instead of...

How Students Can Still Learn Fashion and Design Online In 2020 & 2021

For many hands-on courses, one might think that learning these subjects online would be impossible and unthinkable to do. However, with modern technology and some creativity these courses are being taught currently and efficiently online. Here is an inside look at how...

How Courses Are Being Taught Online With Fashion & Design

When thinking of university classes that mostly utilize hands-on learning, it can be difficult to imagine how these classes can even begin to be conducted 100% online. As difficult and unimaginable as it might seem, it can be done and it has. We can take a look at a...

The psychology of logo shapes

Logo play a big part in brand’s identity. Without a strong logo it’s hard to get attention and your target wouldn’t be able to remember your brand or company. Every element in the logos matter, even the basic element like shapes. Shapes symbolise ideas, express mood,...

Top 7 Skills and General Requirements For Selling Designer Clothes Online

1.Fashion Savvy To be able to sell clothes you need too have good knowledge and sense of fashion. 2.Customer Service Skills Other skills to have that is also important is customer services. This skill will help you keep the customer happy and they will come back and...
6 Dreams Job For fashion designer

6 Dream careers for fashion learners

6 Dream careers for fashion learnersSome student who is interested in studying fashion is curious about what to do after graduated life Here is 6 dream careers for you :)1.Fashion Entrepreneur Most people in fashion area want to be fashion entrepreneurs. You can make...
5 Design Inspiration Sites

5 Design Inspiration sites

If you ever run out of ideas, here are some 5 design inspiration sites that will reignite your fire! 1.www.pinterest.com 2.www.muzil.li 3.www.dribble.com 4.www.behance.net 5.www.awwwards.net


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