Raffles Times VoI.98 February 2024

Interior Design Field Trip to Italy

Towards the end of last year, our interior students embarked on an instructive field trip to Italy under the guidance of our esteemed interior design programme director, Mr. Wynn Arunrugstichai. The purpose of this trip was to provide our interior design students with fresh perspectives in their field and ignite their creative pursuits.

During their stay in Italy, the students had the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and enchanting cities in the country, including Milan and Venice. Their travels took them to several locations, such as The Laboratory of the Future, which was a restricted event with incredible objects, and The Grand Canal in Venice, which had designs that sparked their imagination. This field trip provided a perfect backdrop for students to draw and portray the spirit of their surroundings. Moreso, the group discovered stunning architecture and interior designs throughout the cities they visited.

During the trip, the students gained valuable lessons and insights by exploring different design styles, historical influences on architecture and interior decor in various buildings. By immersing themselves in Italy’s rich culture, the students were able to discover new and fresh ideas to enhance their own design work.

At the end of the trip, the students returned home with a newfound appreciation for the art and skills they had observed in Italy. The journey was not only instructive about design principles but also instilled in them a desire to be more imaginative and innovative. This experience marked a significant milestone in their personal growth and artistic development in the field of interior design.

Check Out Seasonal Trends & Fashion Business | MOT Magazine

In the fast-paced world of the fashion industry, keeping up with seasonal trends is essential for achieving success. Our college’s academic lead, Ms. Valentine, has shared an interesting article in the latest issue of MOT Magazine. The article emphasizes the importance of integrating fashion trends into business strategies and provides valuable insights that can help fashion entrepreneurs run their businesses more effectively.

Seasonal trends are one of the most essential variables in the fashion industry, as customer preferences change frequently. Failure to remain current with these developments might lead to missed opportunities and significant losses. Ms. Valentine’s article gives great insights on how to effectively use seasonal patterns, as well as practical advice on staying ahead of the curve to produce competitive products and generate sales.

Ms. Valentine includes our fashion design student Ms. Walilee Choosuwan’s enthralling “Regency Blooms” collection to increase reader engagement. Wearers are transported into a land of fairy tales by the collection’s exquisite fusion of modernity and British Regency fashion components. This collection may be used as a concrete illustration of how color can inspire creative developments in the fashion business, with its palette of gentle hues that evoke royal elegance and flowering gardens, such as lavender, purple, and green.

The whole article can be found on pages 15 to 19 of MOT Magazine’s January–February edition for individuals who are keen to learn more about the relationship between seasonal trends and the profitability of fashion businesses. Remember to stop by and read to remain up to speed on the most recent insights from the business!

Doll Costumes Teach about Historical Influences

Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Management students were able to participate in an interesting project called “Doll Costume Design,” which was supervised by Ms. Valentine Vu, the academic lead. The purpose of this unique project was to connect the dots between historical influences and current fashion trends.

This project aimed to demonstrate to students how history has played a significant role in influencing modern fashion trends. Although we may not see individuals wearing historical costumes in our daily lives, understanding the origin of our fashion is crucial. By studying the past, students gained a better understanding of how fashion has evolved over time.

In addition to studying history, the students had the opportunity to learn sewing and outfit design skills. These practical abilities are highly valuable for those interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Being able to create and design costumes gives them a better understanding of how all the elements come together and prepares them for the constantly evolving world of fashion.

To sum up, this project was a combination of old stories, imagination, and practical skills in creating. By exploring the history of fashion and learning how to make costumes, students not only gained a deeper appreciation for the origins of fashion but also prepared themselves to become exceptional fashion designers and creators in the future.