Raffles Times VoI.100 March 2024

Over the years, Raffles Times pages have been filled with remarkable stories about the energy, projects, talent, and achievements of our incredible students.  We have celebrated each milestone with great enthusiasm. However, it is not just about the past; it is about the bright future we are creating together. At Raffles Bangkok, we are committed to delivering the best learning experience, and our conviction remains as strong as ever.

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YKK Company Inspires Future Fashion Designers at Raffles

In March, the renowned YKK Company, a global player in the fashion industry famous for its range of products like zippers, snap-and-buttons, hook-and-loops, and plastic hardware, made a memorable visit to Raffles International College to conduct educational sessions for our enthusiastic Fashion Design students. The aim was to provide them with valuable insights that would have a lasting impact on their careers.

 During the workshop, our students were introduced to cutting-edge concepts about the advancement of technology in fashion design manufacturing. The YKK Company demonstrated its experience by examining all aspects of control procedures for slide fasteners, plastic hardware, hook and loop fasteners, webbing tapes, and snap-and-buttons. This insightful understanding fueled a creative fire in our students, propelling their designs and conceptions to unprecedented heights.

To make it more concrete, YKK Company proudly showcased its product line, allowing our students to experience firsthand the superior quality and adaptability of each item. The hands-on experience not only piqued our students’ interest but also enabled them to visualize the possibilities of these goods in their own fashion collections.

We’d like to thank YKK Company for partnering with us to instruct and encourage our Raffles International College students. This collaboration is a critical step in helping our students develop the skills they will need to thrive in the competitive world of fashion design. We feel that this experience will greatly benefit our students as they advance in their professions.

Learn about user interface (UI) design with video game students

Hey, there! We’re delighted to share with you a great project created by video game design students from Raffles International College. Mr. Jonathan Dela Cruz, their instructor, is guiding them on an exciting voyage into the digital world.

In recent times, the pace of change has been very rapid. Nowadays, people are not limited to using computers to access the internet. They can conveniently enter the digital realm through their smartphones to explore anything that piques their interest. As a result, if a designer or developer can create an excellent user experience, then they have a high chance of achieving success.

It is critical that these students have experience in UI design. This type of skill can help people break down career boundaries and expand their chances. Even though they are studying video game design, which can be played on a computer, smartphones are extremely convenient and popular these days, so mastering UI design will help them stand out in the employment market.

If you’re interested in UI design, we suggest checking out our design programmes, whether it’s graphic design, multimedia design, or video game design. You’ll have an amazing time learning with us at Raffles International College in Bangkok. We guarantee to offer you a top-notch learning experience like no other!