Raffles Times VoI.101 April 2024


In a recent fascinating initiative at our college, students who are studying graphic design, multimedia design, and video game design collaborated to create dynamic motion graphics for brand promotion. Our distinguished instructor, Mr. Jonathan Dela Cruz, hosted this initiative and helped the students along the way.

During the project, Students conducted research on the selectedbrands. They used their skills in motion graphics to craft visually stunning videos that fit each brand perfectly. The videos they made were top-notch and matched the vibe of the brands, whether it was food or technology stuff.

The outcomes were nothing short of breathtaking, with students successfully translating brand identities into compelling visual narratives. They made food products look even more delicious and added a touch of luxury to tech gadgets. It just showed how talented and creative our students are and demonstrated remarkable talent and innovation in their creations.

This project is a great example of the awesome design courses that Raffles International College offers. If you’re interested creative in moving graphics and 3D design, this is the place for you. Come join us and let your creativity shine!

Interior Design students participate in the Retail Rebranding Project

Raffles International College is excited to announce a new initiative that aims to attract interior design enthusiasts worldwide. Introducing a novel project, Retail Rebranding Design, led by Mr. Wynn Arunrugstichai, our respected programme director of interior design.

This fascinating project is intended to increase our interior design students’ industry readiness by bringing them together in a creative collaboration. They’ve been entrusted with rejuvenating well-known companies by redesigning existing retail locations, injecting them with new ideas, and presenting their works to experts for valuable feedback.

Understanding the fundamental essence and attraction of each brand was a crucial challenge for the project. Students researched the distinct selling features of existing businesses to ensure that their redesigns reflected the company’s identity. Balancing the current style with brand awareness was critical since a misalignment between the new design and the brand might lead to customer misunderstanding.

Raffles International College prepares students for success in the dynamic industry of interior design by immersing them in projects like these. Students learn how to fulfill clients’ changing demands via hands-on experiences and support from industry leaders. These efforts enable students to thrive in their creative aspirations and prepare them for a rewarding future in the industry.

Impish delight with astonishing visual effects by multimedia students 

Prepare to convert the drab corners of your decor into dazzling wonders! Introducing Room Corner, an intriguing initiative that has sparked the creativity of our interior design students, allowing them to let loose and create magnificent room corner ideas that are both elegant and exciting!

Students were free to stretch the boundaries of their imagination with the inventive diorama design focused on the Room Corner theme. They let their imaginations go wild and developed these stunning, intricate designs that make you say, “Wow!” They then showed off their work to their instructors, who provided constructive input to help them improve their ideas.

The results were astounding. The students created wonderful creations. Some incorporated elements from their own cultures into their designs, while others designed seats that appeared to be flying in the air or walls studded with numerous eyeballs. The range and inventiveness demonstrated were simply impressive. These creations demonstrate our students’ unlimited creative potential.

At Raffles International College, we enjoy developing our students’ skills and providing them with exciting opportunities to pursue their aspirations. The Room Corner initiative was geared toward stimulating creativity and innovation in our aspiring interior designers, preparing them for success in the design industry. Come join us on this voyage of discovery and change as we encourage our kids to achieve new heights in their artistic endeavors!