Raffles Times VoI.102 April 2024

Join Raffles at Dek-D’s TCAS Fair!

One of Thailand’s biggest education events is just around the corner, and Raffles International College is gearing up to be a part of it! Mark your calendars on April 27–28, 2024, as we are thrilled to announce our announce our participation in the forthcoming Dek-D’s TCAS Fair, organized by Dek-D. We warmly invite all students to stop by our booth and engage with us during the event. This is an excellent chance for you to discover more about our college!

Engage in a variety of exciting activities at our booth that promise fun and enjoyment. Begin with

“Finding your path in life.” – Unsure about your future career? Come chat with us!

“If we can do it, so can you!” – Be amazed by the cool and inspiring projects from our seniors that will surely impress you.

And the best part? Drop by our booth for gifts, giveaways, and an exclusive scholarship of 5,000 baht! (terms & conditions as designated by the college)

Aside from our booth, Dek-D has arranged numerous activities for all students! Take advantage of the portfolio clinic to review your portfolio with experts and senior students or test your English proficiency in the IELTS test room. Many more engaging activities are in store for this event, so let’s explore them together.

We look forward to welcoming you at Bitec Bangna on April 27–28 from 09:00 to 17:00. Find us at Booth No. 60! Join us for a great time at this exciting event! Remember to visit our booth and say hi. We can’t wait to meet you!

Create an exhibition design proposal with interior students!

Raffles International College is astonished to share an absorbing project from our interior design students,  “The Exhibition Design.” hosted by Mr. Wynn Arunrugstichai, our Programme Director of Interior Design.

The Exhibition Design creates room for Raffles Interior Design students to have a shot at designing a concept for an exhibition event. The task at hand is to create a design for the entire interior along with the necessary decorations for an upcoming event. To achieve this, a lot of research must be done on the particular art style and theme that the designers want to showcase at the event. This will ensure that the event’s atmosphere and aesthetic are in line with the desired vision.

At the end of the project, the student’s concepts were astonishing, Some students curated an exhibition for the deaf, while others showcased their experiences with anxiety and feelings, and others aimed at celebrating their unique cultures or world history. which is very exciting. Not only that, all students who did this project also got valuable feedback from the experts, which was a great opportunity for them to upgrade their quality and skills to the next level.

Overall, The Exhibition Design project brought to life a variety of innermost thoughts and innovations through distinctive designs. Our students gained a lot of skills and useful suggestions through this work. Study interior design at Raffles. Students will enjoy developing their skills through hands-on experiences and an exceptional learning environment, propelling them to excellence.

Impish delight with astonishing visual effects by multimedia students

Raffles International College is excited to present a captivating project from the Multimedia Design programme that allowed our multimedia design students to improve their visual effects abilities and produce impressive videos.

The project was hosted by Mr. Jonathan Dela Cruz, our esteemed lecturer, and focused on enhancing students’ understanding of art fundamentals and editing skills related to visual effects, such as color theory, lighting, anatomy, and movement. The challenge in creating these dynamic visual effects lies in achieving realism, as it differs from traditional 2D motion graphics.

To make things more challenging, the students were given the responsibility of filming the videos themselves. This was done to maintain control over the materials and environment, but it required a lot of pre-production work in order to achieve the best possible results. Following that, the students presented their work to the lecturer and received feedback.

The outcomes were simply remarkable, with students showcasing enhanced skills and creativity. Examples included adding fire effects to hands, creating lightning-fast running sequences, teleportation effects and so many others. This project serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our multimedia design programme and its potential to benefit students in their future endeavors.