Raffles Times VoI.106 June 2024

Celebrate Pride Month at Raffles International College!

Hello Raffles students!
We are thrilled to announce the celebration of Pride Month at Raffles International College with our exciting “Be Your Own Pride” event. This is an exciting opportunity to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and our commitment to inclusivity.
We’ve had a variety of student activities, both past and upcoming, to make this month unforgettable for everyone. Let’s explore what’s in store!
Raffles Roar of Pride Party!
A big thank you to everyone who joined the Raffles Roar of Pride, our semester break food party that concluded on June 14, 2024. Your participation made it a tremendous success! From free food and beverages to painting with pride, a student marketplace, and a lucky draw, there were many exciting activities. Let’s take a look at some event photos together!
Upcoming Activities:
Paint with Pride (June 17th onward)
Unleash your fashion creativity on our big painting canvas set up in the common ground cafe on the first floor. Whether you want to draw, paint, or write, this is your chance to express yourself and showcase your artistic talents to the world. Let your creativity shine!

Dazzle with “Sparkle Dreams” created by Raffles FMM Students

The Personal Selling Project for Fashion Marketing and Management (FMM) is a fascinating project that allows students to delve into business models and learn how to captivate the right audience with their products. This practical exercise equips students with a deep understanding of marketing and management intricacies.
Today’s presentation highlighted the creative efforts of Fashion Marketing and Management students, Yoon Mee Mee Moe and Mary Ei Pyhu. They introduced their accessory brand, “Sparkle Dreams,” specializing in high-quality pearl accessories, including elegant earrings and necklaces. The standout feature of their collection is the use of premium pearls, infusing each piece with elegance and sophistication.
During their presentation, Yoon Mee Mee Moe and Mary Ei Pyhu showcased their products with enthusiasm and professionalism. They explained how “Sparkle Dreams” aims to make customers feel special and confident. The students also shared insights into their target audience’s preferences and their strategic marketing plans. Their lecturer, Dr. Sasirin Sayasonti, provided valuable feedback, praising their creativity and offering suggestions for further improvement.
At Raffles International College, we emphasize hands-on experience to prepare our students for successful careers in the fashion industry. This project exemplifies the inspirational teaching style and innovative education our students receive, paving the way for their future success.

Discover the Exceptional Talent of Raffles Fashion Design Students in MOT Magazine

Throughout 2023 till date, Raffles International College has been a hub of creativity and innovation, with numerous talented fashion design (FD) students showcasing their exceptional design skills and creativity. The remarkable collections crafted by our students have not only highlighted their talents but also captured the attention of the esteemed Vietnam MOT magazine. We are proud to announce that several collections by our students have been featured in the 2023–2024 issues of this renowned publication. Let’s delve into these standout success stories:
Kripa Shrestha – The Blood Moon Collection
Featured in Vol. April/May 2023, Page 42
Nepali designer Kripa Shrestha’s “Blood Moon” collection is a stunning display of red-themed garments, meticulously crafted using various hand techniques such as pleating and smocking. This collection is a testament to Kripa’s innovative approach and artistic flair.
Van Puthyvong – A Symphony of Style Featured in Vol. August/September 2023, Page 44
Cambodian designer Van Lyputhyvong’s debut collection draws inspiration from the rich music culture of Cambodia, blending traditional instruments and costumes from the 1960s with modern minimalism and retro designs. This unique fusion creates a harmonious blend of the past and present.
Nod Phonepaseuth – MOSTRIEN Featured in Vol. December 2023, Page 41
Designer Nod Phonepaseuth’s “MOSTRIEN” collection aims to empower individuals with strong personalities and challenge stereotypes about alien life or animals as depicted in movies. This bold and imaginative collection is a celebration of individuality and creativity.
Walilee Choosuwan – Regency Blooms Featured in Vol. January/February 2024, Page 15
Ms. Walilee Choosuwan’s “Regency Blooms” collection masterfully combines elements of British Regency fashion with contemporary styles. The result is a series of enchanting outfits that transport wearers into a fairy-tale realm, blending historical elegance with modern sophistication.
These collections not only showcase the immense talent and creativity of Raffles FD students but also reflect the college’s commitment to nurturing and promoting emerging designers. We invite you to explore these extraordinary works and celebrate the success of our students as they continue to make their mark in the fashion industry.