Raffles Times VoI.107 July 2024

Join Raffles this October Intakes are Open Now!

Are you looking for the best international college to kick start your bachelor’s degree? Now is your chance! Raffles International College is now accepting enrollments for the October semester. Don’t miss this opportunity. Explore our programmes and join us today!
Explore Our Programmes
We offer a wide range of programmes in both design and business fields to suit your interests:
Design Programmes
  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Marketing and Management
  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Video Game Design

Business Programmes

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Operation
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Operations
Other Programmes
  • Psychology
Why Choose Raffles?
Located in the vibrant suburbs of Bangkok, Raffles International College offers a unique global learning environment. Here are some reasons why you’ll absolutely love studying with us:
Big Raffles Network:

We are part of the Raffles network, which includes 12 campuses in 9 countries.
Close Communication:
With a student-to-lecturer ratio of 15:1, you are guaranteed close interactions with your lecturers.
International Environment:
Study alongside students from around the world! Foreign students make about 75% of our student body.
Shuttle Van Service:
with our free top-class, comfy shuttle van service Traveling to and from the institution has never been easier.
No Uniform:

Show off your personal style. There are no uniforms necessary!
Raffles International College offers a wealth of intriguing opportunities. If you are interested, please complete out the inquiry form and a consultant will contact you for free. Don’t delay! Join us today and begin your road to success!

TPIS Pays Raffles a Visits for an Exciting Workshop

Raffles International College recently had the pleasure of hosting students from Tara Pattana International School (TPIS) for an educational workshop. The event included three main workshops: business, fashion design, and graphic design, each providing TPIS students with real hands-on learning experience. This collaboration highlights Raffles’ commitment to delivering a world-class education and creating fascinating projects for students in our community.
Business Workshop: In the business workshop, students participated in a business simulation. This activity gave them a taste of what it takes to start their own business. They learned about the key factors to consider when launching a company, mirroring the learning management systems and effective curriculum of the Raffles business programme.
Fashion Design Workshop: This workshop exemplified hands-on experience in fashion. TPIS students were introduced to the basics of designing an outfit. Each student had the chance to create a dress using paper to quickly form their design ideas. This hands-on activity was both fun and educational, allowing students to express their creativity. The results were impressive, with many students producing amazing designs.
Graphic Design Workshop: The last workshop focused on graphic design. These activities provide learning opportunities for students to explore new skills. During this session, students learned the fundamentals of graphic design and were inspired by projects from current Raffles students. They also got to draw and design their own pictures, which helped boost their creative skills.
Events like these not only enhance students’ skills but also promote global classroom dynamics for students. Raffles is grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge with TPIS students. We thank Tara Pattana International School for trusting us, and we look forward to seeing these talented individuals succeed in their future endeavors.

Shine in Product Design with Raffles students

Raffles International College is thrilled to share the wonderful achievements of our current product design students. Recently, they completed a final presentation for their product design project, where each student had to design a product inspired by their favorite movies. The goal was to blend creativity with practicality, ensuring the designs were both imaginative and functional.
This project provided a valuable opportunity for our students to enhance their skills and creativity. They were encouraged to design products that were not only innovative but also user-friendly, reflecting an effective curriculum from Raffles. The challenge of making these designs practical pushed students to think deeply about the needs and wants of potential users, much like they would in real-world situations.
After completing their designs, students presented their projects to the lecturers. This presentation was a crucial part of the learning process, as it allowed students to receive constructive feedback. This feedback was essential for them to refine their designs and better understand how to pitch their ideas to future customers. It was a real-world experience that gave them a taste of what it’s like to present in a professional setting, which is comparable to cross-cultural communication.
At Raffles International College, we believe in providing hands-on experiences that go beyond the classroom. Our product design programme is designed to help students not only learn how to create but also how to take their projects to the next level. If you are passionate about product design and eager to develop your skills, we invite you to join us at Raffles International College, one of the best international colleges