Raffles Times VoI.96 January 2024

Red Bull X Raffles Fashion Design Competition

Raffles International College was pleased to host the executive team from Red Bull (TCP Group) on January 25th for a special event. The two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and launched an exclusive fashion collaboration project for Raffles students, which was jointly organized by both parties.

Red Bull, a brand under the TCP Group, has been dominating the energy drink industry for over six decades. It has gained worldwide recognition and popularity due to its great success. However, Red Bull never stops innovating and developing new products for its customers. As part of an exciting collaboration project, Raffles students were invited to experience Red Bull’s latest energy drink offering.

During a recent event, TCP Global Marketing Division Director and our College Director, Dr. Panupong Pituksong, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organizations. TCP Group representatives shared information about an upcoming competition scheduled for the first quarter of the year. The competition will feature 30 Raffles Fashion Design students who will compete to design the Fashion Capsule Collection that adheres to the Red Bull brand guidelines. The winner of the competition will receive a grand prize of 50,000 THB and all participants will receive TCP Group’s mentorship and funding to develop prototypes of their fashion outfits. This competition presents an excellent opportunity for students to refine their skills and showcase their talents.

After the visit, Raffles International College extended an invitation to Red Bull to join them for a celebratory lunch meeting. The college expressed its gratitude to the group for their cooperation and support in creating this exciting project. Raffles believes that this collaboration will ultimately benefit society and students in the future.

The Potential of Commercializing an Avant Garde | MOT Magazine

Our academic lead, Valentine Vu, and The MOSTRIEN Collection designer, Nod Phonepaseuth, recently, had a great opportunity to contribute some insightful pieces about the potential of commercializing an avant-garde brand in MOT Magazine Vol. December 2023.

The article will focus on the challenge of commercializing Avant-Garde into a sustainable and successful fashion brand within a few years. While designers are typically trained to create avant-garde fashion, commercializing it within a business framework is often challenging.

MOSTRIEN, a collection by designer Nod Phonepaseuth, can serve as an example for this topic. This collection aims to encourage individuals with strong personalities and break stereotypes about alien life or animals portrayed in movies. This brand identity provides a unique opportunity for readers to learn about marketing concepts, visual merchandising, advertising, and online marketing.

For those looking for more information on the fashion industry and its trends, the article can be found in The Digital MOT Fashion Magazine, Vol. Dec 2023, published in Vietnam, on pages 41–45. The magazine provides an excellent resource for individuals looking to learn more about the fashion industry and its various trends and developments.

SPACEPORT: An Innovative Project from Product and Interior Design

Take a closer look at the creative project that unlocked the next level of imagination through “Spaceport,” the project that was created through the collaboration of interior design and product design students. This was a great way for them to enhance their skills and take their imagination to the next level.

The project required the collaboration of two design disciplines to create an imaginary universe based on a specific culture or era that intrigued them. The challenge was to adapt the chosen culture to live in a spaceship, which involved integrating technology with traditional customs and finding the perfect balance to merge the two.

The project resulted in a captivating collection of artworks. For instance, the students designed a spaceship that drew inspiration from the Egyptian era, aliens influenced by Chinese culture, and a futuristic civilization that incorporated Hawaiian concepts. This project showcased that all cultures possess distinct styles and that even ancient cultures can be reimagined into contemporary works of art. This was proof of the boundless potential for creativity and innovation.

At Raffles, we believe that education never ends. This project is a great way for students to gain experience creating new art and designs that will shape the future.