Raffles Times VoI.95 January 2024

Orientation for the January 2024 Intake 

Hello new students! We are thrilled to welcome you to Raffles International College. On January 5th, 2024, we organized an event in our auditorium to welcome all of you. Lecturers and staff from different programmes, as well as staff from Student Services, came to greet you and extend a warm welcome as you embark on your academic journey this year. 


At the event, our academic lead, Ms. Valentine, provided all the essential information regarding our campus, learning style, and rules here at Raffles. The Student Services team also explained the various services and support available to you throughout your education. Additionally, a senior psychology student shared some useful mindfulness and stress reduction techniques. Our goal is to ensure that you have all the necessary resources to succeed. 

To enhance the event experience, we organized a special lunch meeting, enabling you to meet new people and make friends. We firmly believe that education is not just about studying, but also about having a great experience. 


We are delighted to have all of you here once again, and we sincerely hope that you enjoyed the activities. We wish you the very best of luck in all your academic pursuits and hope that you have a wonderful time here at Raffles International College. 

“La Vie en Rose,” the incredible fashion show

Let’s take a closer look at one of the biggest projects accomplished by the Raffle students this year. Introducing “La Vie en Rose,” a stunning fashion show put together by students from the Fashion Marketing and Management program, who named themselves The Clovers Team. The event took place on January 12, 2024, at The Petal Garden and Studio venue. Let’s explore one of the biggest projects from our Raffle students this year! Introducing “La Vie en Rose,” the amazing fashion show that was put on by students from the Fashion Marketing and Management programme, who called themselves The Clovers Team. The show happened on January 12, 2024, at a place called The Petal Garden and Studio. 


The fashion show was a significant event for our students as it provided them an opportunity to showcase a range of skills. They needed to excel in art, style, management, finance, and marketing to ensure the success of the show. To prepare for it, they invested a considerable amount of time and effort in research. 

Initially, in the first stage of the project, they consulted with their lecturer to ensure they comprehended the requirements for the fashion show. After that, they created a mood board and a promotional video teaser for the show. This necessitated them to gain a thorough understanding of marketing and finance in addition to fashion and art. They collaborated with designers, models, and various locations to bring the show to life. Additionally, they had to secure partners and sponsors to provide support for the event. 


All of the students’ hard work paid off because their fashion show turned out to be a huge success! A lot of people attended the show, and everyone loved the runway, the management, and the art theme. The students did a fantastic job of bringing their concept to life. This project was particularly helpful for them because it allowed them to learn about fashion and marketing at the same time. We’re confident that they will use what they learned in the future! 

Learning about reputations and patterns through the Principles and Theory Design class

Students studying interior design have recently investigated fashionable and imaginative projects that would elevate their work in the Principles and Theory Design course. This session is taught by architect and professor Ms. Lonsai Kangkhao. 


In one of the projects for this class, students were tasked with creating a picture using various textures. To achieve this, they employed tools such as oranges, grapes, bananas, corn, leaves, cleaning brushes, scotch Brite, loofah sponges, and cotton buds. These tools have distinctive textures that diverge from that of a pencil, which provides students with an opportunity to come up with new art styles. 

Throughout the project, the students utilized various tools to create a drawing of a photo they had chosen. Unlike typical drawings, this project required a unique approach to capturing the texture of the fruits or tools depicted in the photo. It was crucial for the students to exercise caution and precision in their use of texture to achieve the ideal artwork. 


This project has encouraged students to explore their surroundings for artistic inspiration. It has taught them that art is not just about the tools, but also about visually expressing their ideas. The project has been particularly useful for students studying interior design, as it has motivated them to seek out new ideas and innovations to create unique paths in their design work.