1.Fashion Savvy

To be able to sell clothes you need too have good knowledge and sense of fashion. 

2.Customer Service Skills

Other skills to have that is also important is customer services. This skill will help you keep the customer happy and they will come back and buy more. 

3.Marketing Skills

You will be using this skill to gain more customer through social media like Facebook or using marketing strategy to attract more customers.   

4.Knowledge of Internet Selling

Selling you goods online can be complicating so you need to understand how it works.   

5.Excellent Photography Skills

Good photo of your help your customers make their decision quicker, especially when you have eye-catching photo.     

6.Source of Merchandise

In order to be successful you must make competent decisions over what is to bought, in what quantity and where do we get them from.     

7.Online Store

Online store acts like your actual store but it’s online. This can be means to sell your products and reach out to your customers.