Logo play a big part in brand’s identity. Without a strong logo it’s hard to get attention and your target wouldn’t be able to remember your brand or company. Every element in the logos matter, even the basic element like shapes. Shapes symbolise ideas, express mood, catch people’s eyes and connect with your audience on a deeper level.


These shapes are used in 20% of the logo in the world. (What? In all the world shapes, or in all the world’s Logos)

When you use circles in your logo shapes, you convey:
• Positive emotional messages
• Unity and commitment
• Strength and steadiness Take a look at Olympics, Nasa and Google logos, they all give us the sense of unity and positivity.


When you use squares in your logo shapes, you convey:
• Strength and safety
• Security
• Profesionalism • Trustworthiness Square might come out as boring so using colour can help add vibrancy to the logo; like with the Microsoft logo, they a use variety of colour to engage the audience.


You don’t often see this shape on logos but it has wonderful meaning. This shape conveys:
• Power
• Improvement
• Continuous motion
• Energy

These shapes are used to boost brand awareness and dictate speed and movement. Examples include Delta Airline’s logo or CAT construction’s logo which is masculine and powerful. Mitsubishi Motors uses a triangle too.

However when you use triangles, make sure the angles are pointing upwards, or to the right. Otherwise it will change the meaning.


Lines are often overlooked when it comes to logo design. Vertical lines associate with strength and sophistication while horizontal lines create sense of tranquility and calm. For example, SoundCloud’s logo portrays strength and creativity as the vertical lines represent sound and combine with the cloud. Another example is IBM’s logo; the horizontal lines indicate a sense of tranquility, reliability, and calm which makes the customers feel protected and settled.

Organic shapes & Spirals

These shape are very uncommon in the world of logo design. These shapes are intended to create the sense of warmth and comfort. When you use the organic shape in your logo design, choose something that resonates properly with your brand. For example, The Shell and Apple logos which are the shape of their names or WWF (World Wildlife Fund) that uses the Panda.