New Student Orientation 

On Friday, July 8th, 2022, the college opened its auditorium doors to welcome new students to Raffles International College. Newly admitted students had the opportunity to meet with lecturers from each programme, including Miriam and Mike from fashion design, Gabriella from product design, Charisma from psychology, Wynn from interior design, and Valentine from fashion marketing and management.  

The event was organized by the student services team and presented by Valentine Vu, academic lead, and Supicha Sudsom, student services executive. The goal of the event was to give students the information they will need during their time at Raffles International College Bangkok. 

We would like to once again extend a warm welcome to all of our students at Raffles Bangkok. We wish you the best of luck in all of your future academic and personal endeavours. 

The Design and Origin

of The OneSiam Skywalk

Pathumwan Intersection, one of Bangkok’s main economic districts, is surrounded by famous sites including well-known shopping malls, the National Stadium, an art gallery, and key public transportation connections such as the BTS sky train. 

Above the Pathumwan Intersection is a pedestrian bridge.This bridge provides walkable access to Siam Discovery Shopping Center, MBK Center, the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, and the National Stadium station. It lowers the number of people crossing the Pathumwan intersection on foot, thereby reducing traffic jams and accidents. 

Created with the idea of “universal design” in mind, this pedestrian bridge is called the OneSiam Skywalk. It is accessible to the elderly, the disabled, and the general public. It provides convenient access to events that are frequently held in the connected buildings, including marketing campaigns, mini-concerts, trade shows, exhibitions, and events at the Bangkok Art Gallery. 

OneSiam is now a landmark that reinforces the idea of a “City of Civilization” and good quality of life for all people. It now serves as a model for what a beautiful and functional pedestrian bridge should look like in Bangkok.

The High Line in New York served as an inspiration for the structure. The OneSiam bridge is decorated with abstract art that can be viewed from above. A floating lotus leaf on water refers to the Pathumwan area’s fertility and the area’s origin. It used to be the location of a large lotus pond.

The walkway is an example of business development that allows all sectors of the relevant business ecosystem to achieve sustainable benefits. The design is made for a modern civilization and aims to increase the comfort and safety of the people. It is now ready to welcome the return of foreign tourists from all over the world.

Source: Bangkok Biz News 

thailand update

Source: Bangkok Post 

Foreign Visitors to Thailand Will Be Charged a Tourism Fee

All international visitors will soon be subject to a 300-baht tourism fee, which will act as insurance coverage for accidents up to 500,000-baht per person. However, the fee’s launch date has been uncertain ever since it was first proposed in January of this year. 

According to the government, coverage for visitors who experience an accident, riot, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or other incident is limited to a maximum of 500,000 baht, while coverage for any damage brought on by emotional distress cannot exceed 20,000 baht. The insurance covers funeral costs up to 150,000 baht per person and up to 1 million baht in the event of death. But this insurance does not cover Covid-19 or other illnesses. 

However, the fees applied to foreigners may be seen as discriminatory, according to the Airlines Association of Thailand, which expressed concerns about the programme last month.  

If the cabinet approves the programme, the fee collection should begin within 90 days of the Royal Gazette’s publication.