Raffles News VoI.93 December 2023

Raffles Gets a Lift with A “New Photography Studio!” 

Get your camera ready to capture some amazing shots because Raffles International College has just opened a new photography room equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and all the necessary equipment to support our students. This room is the perfect place for students who want to hone their photography skills. 


The new photography room is open to all students and is easily accessible. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, this room provides the perfect setting to capture stunning images. You can experiment with different styles and techniques using a variety of backgrounds and props available. Let your imagination run wild and unleash your creativity. 

Raffles believes that providing a photography room will benefit students in numerous ways. It will offer a supportive and collaborative environment for learning, with ample opportunities for hands-on practice. Regardless of the program you are enrolled in, you are welcome to use the photography room as an ideal place to enhance the project you are working on.

 If you’re interested in checking out the new photography room, head over to Raffles International College. The room is located on the second floor in Room 201. To book your time, please get in touch with your multimedia lecturer. We hope you enjoy trying out our brand-new photography room!

Think Outside the Box with Raffles Design Thinking Class.

Raffles International College is delighted to share a cool project from the Design Thinking class that allowed design students an amazing opportunity to display their talents in board game creation, presentation, and comments from our expert instructors. 

In this project, the students had to design a board game using a style that resonated with them, but first, they had to study the basics of game design, such as story mode, character design style, and game system. After that, each student introduced their project to their peers and the lecturer to share their thoughts and ideas.

All of these processes were crucial in creating the perfect game. The team had to learn about creative design thinking to develop the best combination. Creating beautiful artwork was challenging, but for the board game, the systems within the game were equally important. If the players didn’t have a good experience due to an unbalanced status while playing, the game would no longer be enjoyable.

Overall, the project was a fun and creative way for students to learn. They experimented with different art styles, learned about various systems, and developed critical thinking skills. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Raffles Attends the ISB Thai University Fair

Raffles International College was honored to be part of the ISB Thailand University Fair held on 9th November 2023 at ISB (International School Bangkok). This event was not only for ISB students but also for high school students from other schools. We were delighted and honored to be part of this event.

During the event, we set up an eye-catching booth that showcased the fantastic learning environment and outstanding features that students can enjoy while studying at Raffles. Our knowledgeable staff was present to assist students in getting in touch and answering any questions they may have had. We were delighted to provide detailed information on the programmes, requirements, and other relevant details. Additionally, Raffles distributed snacks to students who visited our booth, a gesture that was warmly received by everyone 

We are deeply grateful to the ISB for granting us the privilege to be a part of this event. The remarkable level of participation that we received from all the students has left us feeling inspired and motivated. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome them back to our campus in the future.