New Student Orientation for the July 2023 Intake

On Friday, July 14th, 2023, Raffles International College opened its auditorium doors to welcome new students. Lecturers from many programs, including “Miriam and Mike from Fashion Design, Wynn from Interior Design, Juergen from Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, and Video Game Design, Charisma from Psychology, Valentine, The Academic Lead, Student Services, and VISA Services”, come in to warmly welcome students who have just entered this academic year.

In this event, Ms. Valentine, together with Student Services and VISA Services, presented to the students about the various aspects of academic instruction, social community life, and some of the basic guidelines that they need to know while they are studying at Raffles International College Bangkok. Our lecturers also invited senior students to show a presentation of their work and tell a little bit about life at Raffles in order to let the new students feel more about the learning style here.

 At the end of the event, Raffles also had a special lunch meeting at The Common Ground Cafe for all the new students to enjoy and have fun together. This activity not only created a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for the students, but It was also an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, and build social connections. Which will be very useful for them in the future.

Raffles is very happy that all the new students enjoyed the activities and once again extended a warm welcome to all of our lovely students. We hope you have a wonderful time here and wish you luck in all of your academic endeavors.

FMM Bazaar: Fashion Marketing and Management Market

On June, 2023, Raffles International College Bangkok organized a special event called “FMM Bazaar” exclusively for its Fashion Marketing and Management students. The event took place in the library room on campus. This event aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and gain practical experience.

FMM Bazaar serves as a platform that enables FMM students to directly showcase and sell their own products to actual customers. This event contained a wide range of fascinating categories, such as jewelry offered by the brand Shy, exquisitely crafted bead handicrafts from Beads & Beyond, and a range of various clothing styles from JPEG Archive, Forsakeme, and Pluto. Students participating in this market event have the opportunity to connect with potential buyers and showcase their creative talents.

 The outcome of this event is incredibly noteworthy, as all Brands managed to sell more than half of their available stock. This event provides a valuable opportunity for them to gain firsthand experience in the area of conducting actual business operations. It allows them to explore deeper into the practical aspects of running a business and learn valuable lessons from this hands-on experience.

 If anyone is interested in supporting their product, you can explore and shop their category at the links below.

Instagram : _forsakeme_

Instagram : jpeg_archive_

Instagram : beads_beyond23

Shuttle Van Schedule Update

As always, our campus received much support from all students who expressed their interest in participating in Raffles. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their warm support. For that reason, our campus has been filled with a wide range of emotions and lasting memories for everyone involved.

In order to ensure the best studying experience for our students, we have made the decision to make updates to our shuttle schedule. This adjustment comes as a response to the growing number of students joining our campus. To inform everyone effectively, we have taken various steps.

Firstly, we have displayed the new shuttle van schedule around the campus. These displays can be found on every floor of our building as well as at the shuttle van stop. We believe that having the schedule available in multiple locations will help students easily access this information. However, for those who are unable to locate the physical copies or prefer a digital option, we have also made the latest shuttle schedule available for download. You can find it on our website under the “Raffles Student Topic” section. This way, students can simply download the schedule to their phones and have it readily accessible wherever they go.


Raffles make it important to create the best environment for the student’s life in order to fulfill their dreams with as much comfort as we can. I hope everyone will have the best experience while they are studying here. and we promise to not stop improving our quality to maximize your dream.