5 Things To Do While You’re Stuck At Home During Quarantine

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If you’re a young university student, then like the majority of university students, you’re at home during this time in 2020. You’re probably at home with lots of free time and are most likely bored as well as without many ideas of how to use your time. So, instead of being bored at home, why not try these 5 things to do while you’re stuck at home during quarantine. Not only can these 5 things be fun and engaging, but these can be productive things as well, so that you utilize your time to the fullest. By doing one or all of these 5 things, by the time home lockdown ends, you’ll come out of it as a more developed person who has made productive use of their down time instead of wasting massive amounts of time being down and/or mindlessly scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. You might have a better mindset by trying these 5 things at home during this time. 

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1. Working out at home.
By exercising on a routine basis, you will not only be able to become physically healthy, but also mentally healthy. Working out can effectively improve your mood and energy through more pumping out more endorphins during workouts.  If you’re just starting out, you can start off with a small routine with the basics and then as you continue, you can add more to your routine. Some simple exercises that can be done in your home with almost or no equipment are variations of pushups, squats, lunges, and ab exercises. With a chair or chairs, one can even do dips, elevated push ups, etc. For some cardio, burpees are an effective and simple exercise that takes minimal time to burn a significant amount of calories and can be done in your room. 

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2. Cooking new dishes.
Learning to cook new dishes can be great especially if you already cook, by learning new dishes you’ll be able to diversify your home diet and the less likely you’ll get burned out eating the same dishes. Also, if you don’t cook, now could be a good time to learn some simple and basic dishes that can be healthier to eat than at many places outside especially franchise food and it can be cheaper to cook as well. Nevertheless, cooking can be a great skill to have if not an essential skill to learn. 

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3. Reading new books.
Reading new books can be an enjoyable pastime and a great way to expand one’s knowledge or skill set. Nowadays, so many of us consume information and entertainment through our technological devices or more specifically our phones, but by reading out a real book, it can be a much needed break for our eyes from looking at our electronic devices too much. Reading can be done just about anywhere as you don’t need to plug it in to charge or you don’t need Wifi to connect to. Reading can also help develop our imaginative capabilities and critical thinking skills. If you don’t usually read from regular books, try it out, you never know you might actually like it. There’s even audiobooks if you prefer to listen and a more hands off approach to enjoy books, which you can listen to while you are doing another activity such as cooking. 

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4. Learning new online courses.
Taking this time to learn something new through online courses is one of the most effective ways to make productive use of your time. There are so many online courses to choose from whether it be courses in business, design, or whatever the course may be, chances are there is a version of it online for you to take and learn something new. Nowadays, with so many universities closed due to the global lockdown, there are even more online university courses than ever before to take. With so many options it can be overwhelming. You can take whatever you need to learn and whatever interests you. Even with classes that have a more hands-on learning approach, these kinds of courses can be taken online. For example, there are plenty of hands-on learning courses such as fashion design, product design, interior design, etc, which are being taught online at universities like Raffles International College Bangkok, which you can see here. These courses are fun, engaging, and not only that, but you can earn credentials that will help you in your future job or career. Make the most use of your time and be productive by learning something new through these online courses. 

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5.Finishing any unfinished projects or doing something self-improvement related.
 If you’ve procrastinated or forgotten about any old unfinished work or projects that you had promised yourself that you would do or have completed, now’s a great time to finally do those! Otherwise, you could try something self-improvement related like waking up earlier, spending 1 hour a day to be productive like doing something such as writing a few pages of a book, eating a healthier diet, and quitting some bad habits such as drinking too much coffee. Whatever it may be, try something out and you may find some things to be useful or even life changing. With more free time at home, you can definitely find some effective way to utilize your time.