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Here at Raffles International College Bangkok, we have been preparing a brand new, safe, worry-free environment for students to return when campus opened back up for normal classes in July 2020. As many other places, Raffles is practicing social distancing and is encouraging everyone especially students to practice social distancing to ensure a safe environment for everyone on campus. As a reminder, we encourage everyone to wear masks on campus and in all these areas displayed in the pictures below.

Here are the following ways that we are practicing social distancing with pictures of social distancing examples included below:

1. Waiting for the elevators / the lift

When waiting for the elevators to go to the upper floors on campus, we suggest students to stand at least 1-2 meters apart to properly practice social distancing. Students can look for the stickers on the floor for reference of where to stand when waiting for the lift / elevators.


2. Sitting in the outside campus lounge area

In this example, you can see the seating outside the library on campus. Usually students will sit in this area when waiting for rides home, food delivery, or just relaxing. When sitting in this lounge area, we would like students to keep 1-2 meters apart to ensure proper social distancing in this area or another seating area on campus. You can see the sticker with an “X” as a reference of where not to sit in these areas.

3. Standing in the elevator

When standing in the elevator or in the lift, students can use the stickers on the floor as a reference of where to stand in the elevator. There’s only 4 stickers; thus, there is a limit of 4 people maximum in the elevator at a time. When students enter the elevator, they should stand in one of the designated corners and also face the walls away from others to ensure safe social distancing. Also, please don’t forget to wear your face masks in the elevators.

4. Eating at the outside tables on campus

During breakfast, lunch, or any other times when students or others might use the campus tables to eat, socialize, or study, we suggest students refer to the “X” stickers placed on the seating of these tables as a reference of where not to sit. These stickers are placed with enough space for students to sit together, but also safely practice social distancing at the same time.

We appreciate everyone’s contribution and effort in combating the virus by creating a safe environment through social distancing practices. The campus as well as the classes are well-equipped and are ideal for practicing social distancing. Raffles has thoroughly cleaned and prepared the campus for the return of students for the July 2020 semester; therefore, students can focus on their academic endeavors and social life in a safe, stress-free learning environment.