course overview

Our undergraduate programme in Psychology is designed to educate students in different areas of psychology. The course begins with the fundamentals of psychology so that students develop knowledge and understanding of the concepts, theories and practices of psychology. Then as the student progresses through the course these fundamentals are built upon, extended and applied to cover more specialised areas of psychology, for example, human resource management, marketing and branding, health services and education.

Career Opportunities

  • Psychologist
  • Psychometrist/Clinician
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Marriage and Family Therapist


Bachelor of Psychology(Honours)

Year 1

Introductory Psychology Methods & Social

Child & Infant Psychology

Emotion & Motivation

Learning Studies

Ethnic Relations

Introductory Psychology: Cognitive & Abnormal

Historical Perspectives of Psychology

Behavioural Statistics

Psychology of Learning

Psychology of Adolescence & adulthood

Behaviour and Influence in Organizations

Abnormal Psychology I

Creative Thinking

Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours)

Year 2

Thai Language Communication

Thai Innovation

Social Psychology

Research Methods in Psychology

Cognitive Psychology I

Individual Differences

Cross-cultural Psychology

Organisational Psychology

Consumer Psychology

Cognitive Psychology II

Abnormal Psychology II

Neuropsychology I

Educational Psychology

Statistical & Research Methodologies

Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours)

Year 3

Elective 1

Thesis 1

Psychological Assessment

Community Service

Elective 2

Neuropsychology II

Psychology of Aging

Thesis 2

Professional Attachment

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