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Written by Harley Davis

1. There Are Game Design Degree Programs In Bangkok Now

Gaming Design is quite niche and new to being considered a professional career especially to parents from older generations. It is an emerging sector, but is likely to gain a lot of momentum as a professional field once established in the next decade. If you want to get an early start to your Gaming career and pursuing this field professionally, there’s only 2 programs where you can get a degree and study the Game Design program in English in Thailand, one is at Thammasat University and the other is at Raffles International College Bangkok, where it is an international friendly campus that isn’t strict like other Thai universities. Thailand is ideal to study Game Design at compared to other countries because of gaming increasing in demand and being rapidly increasing in being recognized as an E-Sport in Thailand.

2. Bangkok Has Many New Opportunities For Gaming Careers

Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, will have more professional and career opportunities in gaming as a profession because of the great demand especially compared to other countries where it isn’t even close to being recognized as an E-Sport. The demand in the future for gamers and other related positions in this industry is expected to greatly grow in the next few years and the next decade; thus, Bangkok is one of the best places to start a gaming career with lots of increasing new opportunities.

3. Thailand Is Cheaper To Live & Study In

Thailand is significantly cheaper to live and study at than America and other countries especially in the west. Thailand, especially Bangkok, can accommodate a wide range of budgets and the budgets of university students are no exception. If anything, Bangkok is an ideal place for university students to study at because of the city being able to accommodate their budget without having to make a lot of compromise like studying in expensive cities in the west. Lastly, universities especially in America are known to be some of the most expensive things a person can purchase and in Thailand, universities are significantly cheaper, but without compromising in quality of education at reputable educational institutions. Plus, fun in a big city like Bangkok is a lot cheaper for univeristy students than in western cities like New York. Therefore, university can have more fun on their free time while studying in Bangkok.

4. Student Visas & Work Are Easier To Get In Thailand

Thailand also is easier for international students to get a visa to study and also start working after graduation than in America or other western countries now. There is increasingly growing competition for students to get work after graduation in western countries as well as getting the visas itself to study at universities especially in countries like America. It is becoming more difficult all due to competition. Bangkok has new businesses being established in the city; thus, they will be looking for graduating talent with possibly less competition than in western countries.

5. Healthcare Is More Affordable In Thailand

Thailand has more affordable healthcare than in America where healthcare is one of the most expensive things second to university education there. Healthcare is largely affordable in the country and medical tourism has recently become a thing due to countries like America having expensive healthcare; thus, people travel to countries like Thailand to spend significantly less money for good quality healthcare while enjoying a holiday all at one time. For example, many will come to Thailand to get any dental work done because of lower costs, but good quality service. So, why not enjoy quality healthcare that doesn’t break your bank while studying in a relatively safe country like Thailand?

6. Thailand Has Had A Low Amount Of COVID Cases

Thailand has significantly less COVID cases and handles the situation more efficiently than America and most other countries especially in the west. Thailand was one of the leading countries in controlling the current pandemic and this is mostly due to the healthcare system and it’s accessibility to people within the country. It is likely to be one of the safest countries in the future in terms of providing quality healthcare and controlling pandemics.

7. Thailand Is A Relatively Safer & Study Friendly Environment

Thailand is safer and a less aggressive or hostile environment than America and other countries to study in. You are more likely to encounter physical violence or racism in America than in Thailand as a person from a different ethnic background. It is a safer and more comfortable environment in this regard for university students to study in especially at international universities in Thailand where it isn’t strict to study at like Thai universities.

8. Gaming Isn't Recognized In The U.S. & Is More Recognized In Thailand As An E-Sport

Gaming is not recognized as an e-sport in the US and isn’t supported like it is in Thailand. Gaming is becoming more recognized as an E-Sport and supported in Thailand. The demand for more gaming is rapidly growing and so is the demand for it being recognized as an E-Sport. It is only a matter of time before it is fully recognized and supported in Thailand.

9. A Significantly Increasing Demand For Gaming In Thailand

There is a significantly growing demand for gaming and E-Sports in Asia-Pacific especially in Thailand as you can see the growing trend in the recent years especially compared to a low demand in other countries like America. With growing demand, there will be a significant amount of jobs created within this industry. Some examples of professions emerging now are Professional Gamers, Gamecasters, Streamers, E-Sports Athletes, and Game Developers etc. Gamecasters are people who play games while they are speaking and teach the audience. Gamecasters can earn 1 million baht a month in
Bangkok, Thailand. There is a clear amount of demand that can be seen increasing rapidly in the last few years and is likely to keep growing exponentially.

10. Opportunities To Gain Real Professional Gaming Experience In Bangkok

Can gain experience in gaming while studying for the gaming degree in Thailand. A student in Game Design can gain significant professional experience in this field especially at universities like Raffles International College Bangkok where a college student can get 2 internships in gaming experience, or in other words, to gain professional experience in Game Design while pursuing their degree in Game Design with Game Design scholarships available! It’s only 3 Years to study for Advanced Diploma for Game Design and for B.A. Multimedia Design at Raffles International College Bangkok.