Written By Harley Davis | August 6th, 2020

Happiness and ways to become happier are usually topics or goals that people have interest in pursuing. One way to become happier is to become creative in studying design, but how does this make a person happier you might be wondering? Keep reading to find out! When studying design, a person is free to be creative and let their mind wander about new ideas; thus, giving thoughts freedom to roam in a vast space of mind all the while forgetting about troubles and the world around. During the process when a person creates something, a person can achieve what some refer to as a “state of flow” or “flow state”, which is a therapeutic state of mind, contentment, and happiness that a person can experience during a time when they are engrossed or concentrated on doing a particular task.
So, how does this flow state make a person happier and more content?

State of flow

1. Forget about your troubles and the world around you

2. Become completely focused on the task at hand

3. Lose attention to time

4. Become more productive and creative

5. Become happier and in control

It’s sort of like achieving a Zen state of mind or nirvana being completely in the moment and it can even apply to work tasks. You will feel a sense of tranquility, calm, and happiness when you are able to enter this state of flow. The benefits are you will reduce stress and can become more productive increasing quality of work as well as getting work done. Do work baby!
What does an example of someone achieving flow state look like? Just check out the look on Jimi Hendrix’s face doing a guitar solo at Woodstock.
Therefore, when you study design and you are free in creating new designs, your mind will have plenty of opportunities to achieve this “state of flow”; in other words, you’ll have time to utilize productively becoming happier in the process of creating something new. Also, by studying design, you’ll also learn new skills and knowledge, which can make a positive impact on your future professionally and personally. To put it simply, you’ll be knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone. So, why not check out these design programs at this university and even earn a 3 year Bachelor’s degree by the end of your studies, which you can apply in your professional life or career later down the road! Check out these design courses at Raffles International College Bangkok

Here are some tips that can help you further understand how to achieve a state of flow or become happier / more content doing a creative task.

how to achieve a state of flow

1. Eliminate all external and internal distractions

It’s proven by research that in order to achieve flow, all external distractions such as your phone, social media, emails, etc, must be put away. According to research, if you get distracted, it usually takes on average around 25 minutes to regain full attention on the task at hand. There are also internal distractions, such as stress in life or worrying thoughts, that are also difficult to eliminate thoughts of; however, there are a few things that can be done to overcome these internal distractions such as daily meditation for at least 10 minutes a day as well as journaling every morning and evening to put your thoughts into the present moment clearing your mind, and holding your actions accountable.

2. Listen to (the right kind of) music

Some might think of music as a distraction, but the right music can help you get into the mood and buckle down to do a certain task. Music helps block out external distractions and can put you into a trance further putting you into a focused, productive state of mind. It is important to note that songs that are familiar to you should be listened to because if you listen to new songs, then you will likely pay more attention to it rather than listen to something you’ve heard multiple times before that just makes for passive listening. Repetitive songs can also help with putting your mind in a passive listening trance like state of mind.

3. Work on 1 specific task that is a isn’t too challenging, but a bit challenging

Your skill should somewhat match the task that you’re doing. There should be one task at hand to focus on; therefore, avoid multi-tasking since this can increase distraction and reduce quality focus. Having some challenge is good because if there’s no challenge the task can be boring; therefore, if it’s boring you won’t be engaged.

4. Stay hydrated, well-rested, and strategically consume coffee

Consuming some caffeine such as coffee can provide some boost to productivity and focus, according to Chris Bailey the author of Hyperfocus. About 2 cups has been proven by research to make you focus more intensely as well as for for longer periods of time without stopping with a better short-term span of memory. Also, staying hydrated will help your mind stay focused because if the brain doesn’t get enough water, your thoughts will become foggy and it will be increasingly difficult to focus on anything. Getting enough rest is also important because if you’re sleepy or feel tired, that will become an internal distraction and it will difficult for your brain to have the sufficient energy to think efficiently.

5. Have a clear idea on the goal of your task, but focus on the process

Having a specific goal or purpose to help focus on the task can reduce getting easily distracted or procrastinating due to lack of structure or lack of direction. However, really the process should be honored because flow requires enjoying the journey and not being fixated solely on the goal. Overall, it should be a pleasurable experience and process, not one that is dreadful or stressful.

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