Course Overview

Students are introduced to key concepts in accounting and finance and learn essential academic research and communication skills. The overall aims of the programme are to develop basic skills in communication. Students’ knowledge of fundamental concepts in accounting and finance. Graduates will have developed and be able to demonstrate the ability to describe and explain the fundamental concepts in accounting and finance, explain the fundamental concepts of business, basic skills in numeracy and communication of ideas.

*Remark : The Diploma of Accounting and Finance is an introductory programme to prepare students for entry into the Advance Diploma in Accounting or Advance Diploma in Finance

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Duration : 6 months

• Financial Accounting

To enable students to understand accounting principles and the function of financial reports.

To enable students to understand how accounting functions as the language of business and how accounting information assist in making decisions.

To enable students to prepare the final accounts for sole trader.

• Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

The course presents simple mathematical concepts and shows how these can be applied to personal finance and business operations.

• Business Communication

The aim of this module is to provide students to develop with behavioural skills of verbal expression, active listening, appropriate body language, written analysis and visual presentation in the typical business environment and instill an active awareness of the significance of communication in current business practice.

• Business Information Technology

The aim of this module is to introduce students the knowledge of information technologies that are used to create and enhance both competitive positioning and effective management practices in the current business context.

• Marketing

The aim of this module to introduce the main marketing principles as applied in consumer, industrial and service organisations. It examines the manner in which firms can gain competitive advantage by adopting a consumer orientation.

• Fundamentals of Finance

This course provides students with basic skills and theories of financial management so that they can make informed decisions regarding their financial future and assure financial security.

• Fundamentals of Management

The aim of this module is to explore the processes and functions of management in today’s management practices.

• Cost Accounting

The objectives of the course is to provide a basic understanding of the theory, methods, techniques and practice of cost accounting.