• Starting in 2018, RIC has extended and enhanced its range of scholarship opportunities for outstanding candidates.
  • As part of Raffles International College’s philosophy, the college rewards excellence in academics and talented. Students who are awarded a scholarship should be outstanding students with good behavior. They should have a good academic standing and never have broken the Code of Student Conduct
  • Raffles International College is committed to recognizing effort and excellence in learning through its Academic Scholarship program awarded each year to newly enrolled students. A number of scholarships support academic performance through financial aid to motivated as well as talented students.
  • Students awarded any scholarship need to comply with the conditions outlined in the RIC scholarship agreement, which has to be signed by the student before program commencement.
  • Apply Early! Please note that competition for scholarships is usually intense. Scholarships are normally awarded when the candidate is admitted to RIC. Applicants in later admission rounds may find that scholarships have been awarded to earlier applicants.
    • Raffles Bursary
    • Raffles Merit Scholarship
    • Raffles Talent Scholarship
    • Raffles Top Performance Scholarship


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